Sunday, 4 March 2012

The real challenge begins...

 After the long months of winter hibernation we have finally emerged into the spring sunshine to begin work on the vast amount of material we collected on our walk. Clare, Moira and Naomi met up (in the pub, of course) last Saturday to discuss what the next steps would be.
 We need some professional advice as to how to approach certain aspects of processing and compiling the archive into an accessible format. So, a trip to see the lovely people at the EFDSS Vaughn Williams Memorial Library in London was agreed and is currently in the planning. We are also in the process of contacting various institutions, libraries and collections across both England and Scotland asking if they would like to be involved with this project and, if so, would they like to work with us in order to produce a resource in a format that would be of most use to them. 
 The enormity of our task is becoming ever more real but we are ready and prepared to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in! Plans are also afoot for possible series of talks at folk festivals this summer, so keep your eyes peeled on the programme for a festival near you!

The Folk Trail Team x