Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dog Blog

Walking in the rain again today - she never does it at home (thank goodness) so why here? I'm on a campsite with ducks & chickens, not allowed near them of course, but a dog can dream. They keep eating my dinner which is very frustrating when retaliation is made impossible.

The van is full of Chudleys dog food, the very nice man in the shop gave me a whole bag. This means I'm the only member of the pack who's been sponsored.

There is a strange sense of excitement in the air so I think something is about to happen though I can't imagine what exactly. There is a lot of talk about 'Pen Ultimate' - can't say I've ever heard of him.

Had a terrible fright yesterday; two large angry dogs, all teeth & big hair, charged down their garden at me. I thought I was safe because of the fence but then one of them jumped over it. I hid in the ditch and all the humans started to shout "NO!!!" which seemed a bit unfair as I couldn't see anywhere else to go. Had a good effect on the angry dog though - he jumped back again. I've got to admit that the humans are useful sometimes, and just for once I didn't get told off about the mud.

Spent a couple of days with Jo & Jessie (who doesn't like me very much). Had a very nice time away from the noisy hissing monsters on the road.

A lot more humans in the pack at the moment all fairly well trained so not too much extra work. Even so, I'm glad when the day is over and I'm left asleep on the boot mat in peace. Perhaps we'll go home one day.

Cara x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

23 June 2011

Had a great few days following the team on their promenade. Good to see the support you are getting. Would have loved to be there for the finish. Will be there in spirit. Enjoy these last few days

Thursday, 16 June 2011


The session at Bogbain Farm tomorrow night (Friday 17th June) has unfortunately been cancelled.

The Folk Trail will now be staying at the SYHA Youth Hostel in Victoria Road in Inverness. We will also be leaving from the YH on Saturday morning at 9am.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hi Naomi and all the FolkTrailers, including Cara.
It was lovely to walk along the West Highland Way and meet up with you to escort you back to Drymen. This picture captures the moment of the reunion when Ben met up with his mum.
We did feel a little guilty after we splashed our way back to our comfortable beds in the hostel, leaving you all in your tents out in the rain. From your tired faces after the great session in the Winnock you looked as though you could sleep through anything, though.
What a great night! Everyone seemed to have a good time and even when the odd blast of the bagpipes escaped from the Ceilidh in the next room this didn’t dent anyone’s enthusiasm.
We see you are getting the very best of what Scotland offers in the way of weather. They even have a word for it - Dreich! Hope you keep warm (from TrottMum) and well for the last leg of your amazing journey. The end is in sight now and we are thinking of you all the way.
Lots of love from the TrottParents.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Edinburgh - a belated blog

Sorry about the delay in this blog, but I found, as expected, the signal strength at Braemar to be somewhat lacking.

What a great night at The Tass! I counted a dozen fiddles, a couple of accordians, several guitars, a couple of banjos, a whistle, a ukelele and an accordian - plus more than a few singers. Although I'm not an instrumentalist I really enjoyed the music, the friendship and the atmosphere. A chorus song always needs chorus singers, and singer could have been disappointed with the response.

It was lovely to see the Folk Trail walkers again, having been with them at Bodmin Folk Club on 8th April. They tell me that the walking is no great problem, but keeping up with the gigs and late nights can be. They weren't appearing to lack enthusiasm at The Tass, however.

It was sheer chance that I happened to be in Edinburgh on the right night, when on my way to John o' Groats the 'easy way' - on a bike - and I am so glad to have had the experience. It was also a chance to meet again Colin, from Liverpool, who I recognised as a friend from Whitby Folk Week. It's a wonderful community of folk music enthusiasts that we belong to - may it long continue.

Our cycling group and the walking group do have one thing in common. The challenge was suggested by one person, thinking that others would say 'Don't be so b****y silly'. Well done Clare for having the vision, the team for their endurance and good luck with all the hard work you will have to do when the walking is over.

Mike Freemantle, Bodmin Folk Club

Dog blog

Stayed at a Travelodge in Edinburgh the other night - carpet job - very comfortable so wasn't tempted to push my luck and get on the bed.

Not keen on cities, too many hissing busses and bagpipes. Picked up a bit of a stomach bug. Long trudge out of the city full of boring roads with the human on the lead, giving me a hard time on the number of poo bags she used. Still, I was praised for not doing it on the Royal Mile. Finished up a a campsite so that was good. I have been upgraded to sleeping on the boot mat at the entrance to the tent - nice & warm & dry though the snoring keeps me awake at times. Then we had a couple of days on tow paths - good for me, no human tied up to me and I can hop in and out of the water. Got the hang of bicycles, don't make them do sudden stops now, and no one has fallen off for ages. Also, I get to meet lots of other dogs, most of them are friendly. Not many of my kind around, so lots of people stop to ask about me and pat me on the head. Seems to please the humans and I don't mind too much.

I've heard them say that the mountains start on Monday - wonder if they have grouse....must try to be good.

Just one thing puzzles me - however far we walk we always end up back at the tent and I can't help wondering when I will get back home.

Cara x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Edinburgh Wednesday 1st June - Bob Murray's Blog Entry

I joined the walkers for a couple of hours on their Carlops to Balerno 
(to Edinburgh) leg. Fine walking, fine company; the time passed so 
quickly. My favourite story is of Cara the dog who, back one morning in 
April was asked "Do you want to go for a walk ?", and hasn't stopped since !
Then, what a brilliant evening at the Tass Wednesday Session in 
Edinburgh's ancient Royal Mile. The session regulars were joined not 
only by the Folk Trail crew, but by a bunch of cyclists also doing the 
Land's End to John o' Groats thing. The music seemed continuous - the 
jigs and reels, hornpipes, airs, marches, and strathspeys punctuated whenever 
a lone voice reached into the air from our sea of musos and punters. And 
what singing there was ! What a mix. And whenever a join-in presented 
itself it was joined-in with gusto. Any singer will tell you it is a 
lovely feeling to get that kind of response. It maybe even touched the 
soul of one or two die-hard instrumentalists.
How can you drop a handful of visitors - strangers - into another group 
of people for only less than three hours, and end up with one bunch of 
friends ?  I'm not sure, but I think the spirit of music has a lot to do 
with it.
Walk well, Folk Trailers. Our support and friendship goes with you.