Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dog Blog

Harry and I greatly appreciated the good wishes of Jangles in Bristol. We were wondering when someone would notice that we were part of this walk.

Cornish cow poo is very good – more effective than badger poo to keep away the humans as you can get it on thicker. However I only succeeded once. It was followed by a very undignified bath in a trough. Next time I found a bath of my own to get into and had to hang around in it whilst everyone took photos. They are so easily pleased.

Having a bath
I am managing reasonably well without my armchair though my mate Harry gets the best bed on the van seat. Just in case you don’t know what we look like we have persuaded Moira to put up a few photos.

The humans just love me...
I would like to send my regards to my Italian cousins (Spinone) unfortunately I don’t know the lingo. However, I met an older relative today – a very handsome dog also born at Kevarda in Cornwall.

Cara x

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