Friday, 29 April 2011

Dog Blog

This is me demonstrating my stile skills. Lots of practice now we are off the Cotswolds and are on the Severn Way. I am also excellent at getting across streams and muddy bits. I do it several times whilst 'they' giggle and wobble about on stones until one of them falls in, then everyone fusses around - why don't they just walk through it like me? After all, the water won't go over their heads - humans! They also don't understand the cooling properties of mud, especially if it's nice and deep with a little cow poo in it.

I am missing my mate Murphy who walked with me for four days on the Cotswolds. 'They' oohed and ahhed a lot on tops of hills. 'They also insisted we walked on leads a lot of the way - boring.

Me, Murphy and a very snooty dog we couldn't get a word or a sniff out of.

Lots of them walked with me today, all spread out of course, which made my job of keeping them together much mote difficult. Some of them were a bit shy, but I am very good with people and soon had them laughing.

Yesterday wasn't good - bad hair day. I had to be 'combed'. I call it 'tortured'. They even took a photo of it, how sick is that.

On up the river tomorrow- I try to resist the ducks, causes a lot of agro and I prefer to keep 'them' happy.

Cara x

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