Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dog blog

Stayed at a Travelodge in Edinburgh the other night - carpet job - very comfortable so wasn't tempted to push my luck and get on the bed.

Not keen on cities, too many hissing busses and bagpipes. Picked up a bit of a stomach bug. Long trudge out of the city full of boring roads with the human on the lead, giving me a hard time on the number of poo bags she used. Still, I was praised for not doing it on the Royal Mile. Finished up a a campsite so that was good. I have been upgraded to sleeping on the boot mat at the entrance to the tent - nice & warm & dry though the snoring keeps me awake at times. Then we had a couple of days on tow paths - good for me, no human tied up to me and I can hop in and out of the water. Got the hang of bicycles, don't make them do sudden stops now, and no one has fallen off for ages. Also, I get to meet lots of other dogs, most of them are friendly. Not many of my kind around, so lots of people stop to ask about me and pat me on the head. Seems to please the humans and I don't mind too much.

I've heard them say that the mountains start on Monday - wonder if they have grouse....must try to be good.

Just one thing puzzles me - however far we walk we always end up back at the tent and I can't help wondering when I will get back home.

Cara x

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