Saturday, 4 June 2011

Edinburgh - a belated blog

Sorry about the delay in this blog, but I found, as expected, the signal strength at Braemar to be somewhat lacking.

What a great night at The Tass! I counted a dozen fiddles, a couple of accordians, several guitars, a couple of banjos, a whistle, a ukelele and an accordian - plus more than a few singers. Although I'm not an instrumentalist I really enjoyed the music, the friendship and the atmosphere. A chorus song always needs chorus singers, and singer could have been disappointed with the response.

It was lovely to see the Folk Trail walkers again, having been with them at Bodmin Folk Club on 8th April. They tell me that the walking is no great problem, but keeping up with the gigs and late nights can be. They weren't appearing to lack enthusiasm at The Tass, however.

It was sheer chance that I happened to be in Edinburgh on the right night, when on my way to John o' Groats the 'easy way' - on a bike - and I am so glad to have had the experience. It was also a chance to meet again Colin, from Liverpool, who I recognised as a friend from Whitby Folk Week. It's a wonderful community of folk music enthusiasts that we belong to - may it long continue.

Our cycling group and the walking group do have one thing in common. The challenge was suggested by one person, thinking that others would say 'Don't be so b****y silly'. Well done Clare for having the vision, the team for their endurance and good luck with all the hard work you will have to do when the walking is over.

Mike Freemantle, Bodmin Folk Club

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