Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hi Naomi and all the FolkTrailers, including Cara.
It was lovely to walk along the West Highland Way and meet up with you to escort you back to Drymen. This picture captures the moment of the reunion when Ben met up with his mum.
We did feel a little guilty after we splashed our way back to our comfortable beds in the hostel, leaving you all in your tents out in the rain. From your tired faces after the great session in the Winnock you looked as though you could sleep through anything, though.
What a great night! Everyone seemed to have a good time and even when the odd blast of the bagpipes escaped from the Ceilidh in the next room this didn’t dent anyone’s enthusiasm.
We see you are getting the very best of what Scotland offers in the way of weather. They even have a word for it - Dreich! Hope you keep warm (from TrottMum) and well for the last leg of your amazing journey. The end is in sight now and we are thinking of you all the way.
Lots of love from the TrottParents.

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