Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dog Blog

Walking in the rain again today - she never does it at home (thank goodness) so why here? I'm on a campsite with ducks & chickens, not allowed near them of course, but a dog can dream. They keep eating my dinner which is very frustrating when retaliation is made impossible.

The van is full of Chudleys dog food, the very nice man in the shop gave me a whole bag. This means I'm the only member of the pack who's been sponsored.

There is a strange sense of excitement in the air so I think something is about to happen though I can't imagine what exactly. There is a lot of talk about 'Pen Ultimate' - can't say I've ever heard of him.

Had a terrible fright yesterday; two large angry dogs, all teeth & big hair, charged down their garden at me. I thought I was safe because of the fence but then one of them jumped over it. I hid in the ditch and all the humans started to shout "NO!!!" which seemed a bit unfair as I couldn't see anywhere else to go. Had a good effect on the angry dog though - he jumped back again. I've got to admit that the humans are useful sometimes, and just for once I didn't get told off about the mud.

Spent a couple of days with Jo & Jessie (who doesn't like me very much). Had a very nice time away from the noisy hissing monsters on the road.

A lot more humans in the pack at the moment all fairly well trained so not too much extra work. Even so, I'm glad when the day is over and I'm left asleep on the boot mat in peace. Perhaps we'll go home one day.

Cara x

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