Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Jeffs 3rd day

 A good night’s sleep and a fine morning was the start we needed for the day ahead 20 miles over the Dark Peak. It becomes apparent to me that the team work I have seen in the last couple of days has become a way of life. Tent down, van packed sandwiches off on time. A steady climb via Jacobs Ladder brings us up to Kinder. There are 12 in the walking party and after some discussion and safety checks we split into 2 groups.
Bright and breezy weather over to Kinder downfall but the recent dry weather has left the river completely dry.

Onwards to Mill Hill before the glowering prospect of Bleaklow appears. Appropriately the sky darkens and as we draw nearer we are hit by wind, rain, hail and thunder. This continues as we trudge up Devils Dyke until we reach Bleaklows forbidding plateau. We are delighted by Curlew and Skylark song as we descend into Crowden. Cara continues to be extraordinarily well behaved despite obvious provocation by the local grouse. We begin to recognise a young Pennine Way walker as our paths cross a number of times. Tent put up and a fine meal in the Crowden Camp site and we are all made welcome by the delightful site manager. The party is now 12 people (Cara is not allowed to the session tonight) and so there are serious logistics to get us the 5 miles plus to the Globe in Glossop; a magnificent brew pub which has drawn a big crowd. North West Clog team outside and a lively session inside. The landlady not only drawing pints but also operating the hobbie hoss (dragon) for the dancers. Another late night and a drive back to the camp site.

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