Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Jeffs 4th day (and last)

Again the smooth well oiled operation of packing bags, tent, van, preparing breakfast and packed lunch and still off for 9.00  ( how do they do it every day?)

The long slog up Laddow Rocks on our way to Blackhill summit and the Folktrail enters Yorshire.

 Cara takes a break on bruised legs. (sorry I cant seem to get the photo the right way round, lean your right ear on your key board for a moment)

Good weather see us decending down the Wessendon Valley before cutting across to the carriage House near Standedge (Marsden) summit.Tent up, Victor driven back to Crowden to pick up his car,recording gear prepared and the session starts very early. Three dancing teams outside, with a fire juggler and a large loud session band inside. Also some delightful local anthems by some great singers. I go home to my own bed tonight as I live half a mile away and this is the end of the road for me. I return in the morning to bring back some clean washing and bid my new friends farewell.
It has been a privilege to be in the company of such inspiring people, if only for a short time four very different sessions, all recorded and raw data waiting to be collated. It is clear that this is not only a wonderful experience but the recording and archiving of sessions the length of the country is being done in a professional way. This archive will be unique, invaluable for years to come and some of those recorded will be renowned for generations. The folktrail core members achievement will also be remembered.
Jeff Button

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