Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sunday 8th May Jeff's second day

Sunday 8th May. Jeff’s 2nd day Up early the next morning, the schedule is no respecter of blisters, aching limbs, injured feet (or hangovers). Complete integration of the team gets the tent packed up, all the gear stowed, packed lunch made, breakfast eaten and on their way on time. Route takes us through undulating country side, in good weather towards the White Peak via the Limestone Way, and the 500 mile point is reached and chalked on a tree.

Leisurely stop in Castleton for ice cream and socks before the steep climb over Hollins Cross to Edale.  Chris’s unwavering navigation becomes apparent he will get the team to John O’Groats. Delightful spot for a camp site made better by the Rambler Pub being 100 yards down the road. The large bar meant we all got a seat this time for the gentle, intimate session. Highlights of the night for me was the delightfully lyrical 'I play the spoons' sung by the spoon player! And my first introduction to Victor Byrnes astonishing singing. Journeyed over from Dublin he is a strong supporter and good friend of the Folktrail, and is driving the support van at present. Only across the road back to the camp site, and so to bed.

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