Monday, 23 May 2011

Dog Blog

Haven't been allowed on the blog for a while. They said there was too much dog and not enough human, so I've been waiting for them to do a bit.

Reached Hadrian's Wall today, didn't want to leave the van and go out in all that wind with lumps of ice in it. Told them every way I could but they made me go - must be quite bonkers!

Can't say I enjoyed the Pennine Way either - well, it could have been terriffic, all those birds lying around just waiting to be chased into the sky. Instead I had to have the human on a lead almost all the time and on the odd occasion I got away they all yelled "NO!". They spend a couple of hundred years breeding in all my gundog skills then tell me off for trying to use them - typical!

The other thing about having a human on a lead when it's wet is I get told off every time I take an inadvertant step sideways to follow a good smell. You wouldn't believe the fuss they make if I pull them into a bog. What's wrong with wet feet anyway?

It's not all been bad though since I last wrote. Had a great time all the way up the Severn (except for the long steaming thing that roars past letting out a noise like fifty kettles coming to the boil at once). Staffordshire stiles were made for very thin dogs, good job I've lost weight.

Met two more of my own kind; Heidi in Abbots Bromley and a very pretty marmalade in Uttoxeter. Incidentely if anyone asks again if I am a labradoodle I going to step right out of character and learn to bite.

There's been some talk about hundred mile hour winds tomorrow, with a bit of luck I'll get a rest day.

Cara x

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