Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A stolen evening with the Folk Trail...

'tis a long walk from Lands End to Uttoxeter. 500 miles covered already, I am told.
I was working along way from home in Devon, so met up again with the group that I had last walked with in Alternun and met again in Pennymoor.
They are faring well, in the circumstances - by the inspection of their feet when I arrived in the Racecourse campsite !
Ok, Moira was mentioning ankle damage, and "morris dancer toe" and Naomi was tending blisters. Chris has walked through his, but Clare - well, no blisters with the same trusty boots. Hardy stock !
They are all such lovely people, and have an easy and welcoming style. A range of conversation topics as they tidied the camp and relaxed. "How the tent now feels like home ! How dry and dusty the countryside is becoming !" How the adventure is excluding them from media "news". In a world of their own, they are ! But a very happy and friendly world.
And still 10 days before they get half way !!

The session in the Star was packed. There is a real pleasure in seeing posters displayed, and in the response of local "folkies". The room had connections with the bar, so there were other locals who wanted to know more and to experience the variety of live music on display.

Uttoxeter has some local singer songwriters, but also upholds some traditional songs. It also has a young woman with a lovely voice, snazzy shoes, a pink guitar case and that wonderful confidence to lose words of a song, and then pick em up again.
We met a couple of who had called barn dances, and for this had been invited to call in a number of Far Eastern countries.

How to describe this particular session experience ?
Well, the walkers were recording all the songs and music again so there will be a chance to sample the richness of this session and some of the other folk music which veins through the country ( sorry, 2 Nations and 3 if Cornwall insists !!)

Back in the bell tent with the group, we were joined by Nick - one of the local stars. He knew that such exercise required the best pizzas in town. We talked until 1am, slept surprisingly peacefully - and I left at "crack of sparrows fart" to go back to work and on to Devon.
What a lovely experience !
Do take the chance to join in.

Derek Moore

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