Friday, 27 May 2011

Heather's blog - 9th May - 13th may

Arrived at the site early (very) with FAR too much luggage wondering how I would know the walkers from all the other campers, and was relieved to see Cara - the unmistakeable dog who's blog I had enjoyed reading before.  I'm not going to detail each days walk here but just put on a few photos out of the hundreds  that I took! 

My first view of the core four, plus Ben - and a welcome cup of tea.

On the way to Jacobs ladder Cara and the sheep have a quiet moment.  Or if they are communicating - I wonder what? Someone did suggest that Cara didn't think that the mirror was a good one!

A nice view of the rain to come - with the hail and thunder of course.  I think that this was around the Bleak Low area - it was certainly after the kinder Downfall which didn't!

Below is the group who walked from Crowden to Standedge on Tuesday 10th May.   Plus Victor the driver And my brother John who is taking the photo.

Not the prettiest elevenses site,  but the team had a policy to eat whenever food presented itself.  This only works when walking all day every day which seems to be a jolly good way of going on in my opinion.  This was on Wednesday 11th when we walked from The carriage House at Standedge to Charlestown 

Loking back from where we had come from.  Cara is being good and not looking for grouse.  Somewhere on the way to Haworth

And once at Haworth, what a treat was in store for us as Jenny cooked a birthday meal.  This was just the starter!

and here are the diners - or some of them

On my  last day we walked twenty something miles (was it 24, or 25?)  from Haworth to Malham, and to carry on the eating theme here is a pony that was really keen to get it's share of Chris's sandwich

At the end of a long day - a long and glorious day - and for me the last day - a pint with friends (no session tonight) was just what was needed

If I could have seen how much I was going to enjoy my five days with these wonderful people, I would have attempted the whole thing!  Just let me know when the next one is please!

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