Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Proxi Blog 7th to 11th May (Jeff Button)

Folktrail blog update. All is well and the doughty five continue on schedule. Internet issues have led to a lack of recent updates and so I have been given the privilege to update the blog by proxy. I joined the team at Ilam on Saturday 7th May after their first rest day!!! Precision van packing skills were clearly evident and as a consequence my camping sack and trombone were squeezed in. Set off in the first real rain the team had seen on the journey. A wonderful trek through Dovedale and my audio d├ębut in Dove Holes (see twitter link to audio boo).
 We  moved on to the Tissington trail, an old railway route which made for a speedy middle section despite dodging speeding cyclists. Then via scenic routes to the camp site at Blackwell. Well oiled team has tent up in no time. They have been sharing the bell tent for some time as proving to be more efficient and communal than individual tents. No time for a meal before we are off in the van, 5 miles to The Three Stags’ Heads, Wardlow, Tideswell for my first session with the folktrail. What a night!!!Team fed by the redoubtable landlord Geoff, recording gear set up and into a closely packed wild night. (It is worth travelling a long way for this pub, it is special). Left very late in torrential rain back to the camp site.

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